How do I add assessment results?

You can add assessment results by clicking on the Add Assessment Results button on the Assessments page.

There are a number of options available for adding assessment results. The goal is to be able to map all assessment results together on the same graph regardless of assessment type.

(Don't worry. You can of course also graph only results for a specific type as well by sorting by assessment type.)

  1. Input basic assessment data.
  2. Choose an assessment type: Kid-Inspired, WIDA, or Other.
  3. Choose whether to use suggested standards or set your own standards. A score is created by dividing the score the student got in each language domain by the standard for that language domain on the assessment. For WIDA, for instance, the suggested standard is 4.5 since that is what is usually required for students to test out of LEP services. The standards for Kid-Inspired assessments differ for each assessment and those standards are added automatically if you select Use Suggested Standards.
  4. You can change any of these details later on the assessments page.
  5. The assessment results can be added to certain forms automatically as well at a later date.
  6. **Tip: **After adding results, you'll get a button that allows you to load the form again with all of the options you previously selected already selected for you. This helps speed up the process of adding assessment results.

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