I can't login! What do I do?

Common Reasons Members Have Trouble Logging In

If you have just signed up and haven't received your login credentials, there are a few options:

  • Double check your spam folder again to be sure.
  • Get a text message (this doesn't work if you have logged in before) - You can find this option on the welcome page you arrived at after signing up.
  • Contact John by email: accounts@kid-inspired.com
  • Contact John by Messenger

If you have logged in before, but can't now, here are a few possible explanations:

  1. You are logged in on too many devices. You are allowed to be logged in on a maximum of 3 devices only. You can log out of a device or two in order to be able to log in on a new device. You may need to check that you aren't logged in on a tab in a web browser that you have forgotten about.

  2. You may have input or saved your password incorrectly. You can reset your password by clicking on the Reset Password button on the Login screen or by sending an email accounts@kid-inspired.com

  3. You need to update payment information. If your account has fallen into arrears, you will lose access to the membership. You can remedy this by sending an email to accounts@kid-inspired.com for assistance.

I'm always happy to help so just send an email to accounts@kid-inspired.com with any questions and we'll get it figured out!


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