How does the numbering on the lesson pages work? (i.e. Unit 1 #1, Unit 1 #1.1, etc)

If you've started using the curriculum, then you've probably noticed the numbers at the top of the pages within lessons.

The numbering system may seem a little odd at first.

Let me explain the logic behind the system and why it can be a little odd at times:

**Here were the criteria I wanted to meet: **

  1. Each page, organizer and worksheet had its own number in case you were assigning a single page to students and needed to refer to it.
  2. Subsidiary pages would be numbered in relation to their primary page. (Primary page like a vocabulary page for instance = Unit 1 #1; Subsidiary pages like vocabulary worksheets related to the primary page = Unit 1 #1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.)

**Here were some of the challenges that came up: **

Over the course of creating materials for the curriculum, some of which were created only for the site (we don't use them at our school) a couple of things happened from time to time:

  1. Sometimes, subsidiary pages could relate to more than one primary page and when I chose to put them in one lesson as opposed to another, the numbering was sometimes off.
  2. Sometimes, I chose to leave out a page from a lesson because I didn't feel like it was up to standard or was one too many pages for that lesson or still needed work. This has created gaps at times in the numbering.

The primary reason for the system is to give you a way to refer to a specific page, so you can safely ignore it if it does not benefit you.


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