Monitoring Forms Attention Level & Overall Score

When you or a colleague fills out a monitoring form, an overall score and attention level are calculated based on the responses. These are based only on the questions that were actually answered in the form. The attention level helps identify any students who may be struggling and need extra assistance.

Note: Monitoring Form Results will update the student's Latest Score and Attention level on the Students page. Assessments will update the same fields for the student so if you see an issue with the attention level for a student, it could be either from an assessment or a monitoring form. You can change this field on the Students page if you want to set it to something else.

CAREFUL: The overall score and attention level are automatically calculated when the form is completed, but they are NOT UPDATED AUTOMATICALLY if you change responses on the form. This allows you to change the overall score or attention level to whatever you feel best represents your students actual situation.


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