How do I score or grade the Kid-Inspired ESL Placement Assessment?

There have been a number of teachers who have asked about how to score the Kid-Inspired ESL Placement Assessment.

If you're a member of the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership, there is a mini-course on how to use the assessment. There are also instructions included with the assessment itself. Here are a couple of thoughts though that may be helpful:

There is a little ruler of numbers at the top of each section of the assessment tracking sheet. These little rulers correspond to the questions in that section. Kid-Inspired ESL Assessment Ruler  

You take the number from here that the student received and write it at the bottom in the Score area. ESL Assessment Final Scoring Box

Once you have numbers for each area in this score box, you average them together for an overall level (add up listening/speaking, reading, writing, grammar and divide by 4).

If you're a member...

  • You can get the member copy of the assessment here.
  • You can find loads of other resources to get organized with the curriculum here.
  • You can find the Kid-Inspired Placement Assessment Mini Course here.

If you're not a member...

  • You can get a free copy here.
  • You can join the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership here.
  • You can join the Kid-Inspired Interactive Online ESL Curriculum Membership here.


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