What are Monitoring Forms?

Monitoring Forms are commonly required by most schools in the United States for ELLs who are either in the ELL program or have exited it. Very often Former ELLs need to have monitoring forms completed about them by their content teachers for a period of up to 2 years after they have exited the program.

The Monitoring Forms included with the Kid-Inspired ELL Management Portal are there to help simplify this process for ELL teachers. For ELL teachers who need this functionality, you can invite colleagues, assign them to groups, and then schedule monitoring forms to be sent to those colleagues. Those colleagues can log into the platform and fill out the forms for the students in the group you assigned them. You can view all of the results as well as print reports.

Kid-Inspired Classroom is not responsible for state compliance though so be sure to know and understand the laws in your area in order to make sure you are complying by them.


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