Why do phonics lists in the beginners levels have so few words?

Phonics practice pages only have a handful of words on them. Here's why.

How do I use the vocabulary pages in the curriculum?

This video gives you an idea of how to use the vocabulary pages inside the curriculum.

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How do I find materials I need in the membership?

There are numerous ways for you to find what you need once you are inside the membership.

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Request a Quote for Printed Textbooks

Request a quote for Kid-Inspired full-color printed textbooks. You can pay by Money Order, Bank Transfer, or Credit Card.

What is a "tense" and why is it important?

Tenses are how we show when something happened in the grammar we use.

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How do I use NearPod to teach with the materials online?

NearPod is a wonderful tool for teaching online and creating engagement with your students.

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Can I use the materials for teaching online?

There are lots of ways to use the resources for teaching online. Find out more here.

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